Our Global Brandstore

Our Global Brandstore

Your urban marketplace.

Featuring diverse homegrown brands from around the world.

Your urban marketplace.

Featuring diverse homegrown brands from around the world.

Our global brandstore offers Shoppers a vast directory of products across categories.

Get introduced to brands from different countries, and enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Urban+ Benefits for Sellers

Urban+ is the epicenter for brands wishing to enter local online marketplaces at a lowered risk.

The following services are catered for Sellers:


  • Competitor & pricing analysis
  • Sales & marketing strategies
  • Product import/ registration*

Marketplace Sync

  • Product images
  • Product description
  • Product inventory

Brand Awareness

  • Social media shoutouts
  • Influencer / blogger engagement*
  • Store banner*
  • Promotional product video *
  • Marketplace seasonal campaign

Reports & Analysis

  • Track Sales Growth
  • Product Performance
  • Gain Selling Insights

* Optional

Brand Expansion Journey on Urban+

We are seamlessly integrated with top e-commerce marketplaces around the world.

This makes the entire Selling, Buying and Shopping process efficient and accessible.

We are currently present in:

China Marketplaces:
The Added Advantage

Hoshii Buy is a platform that integrates cross-border e-commerce with the sharing economy model.

Tapping into peer-to-peer based economy, merchants have access to consumers with lesser entry barriers.

Hoshii Buy Benefits for Sellers

Through our association with Hoshii Buy, Sellers are able to expand their presence in China.

Brand Awareness

For first-time market entry, Hoshii Buy offers launch strategies & solutions that center around the introduction of your brand to the intended audience

Product Marketing & Advertising

Hoshii Buy’s peer-to-peer model focuses on marketing & advertising efforts that strengthen your product visibility in the eyes of consumers

Peer-to-Peer Model

Peer recommendations, one of the most valuable and effective marketing strategies in the digital age

Hoshii Buy Product Selection Process

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