Product Description

Care 22 Nipis, our 0.04mm skin thin condom, aims for the utmost lovemaking sensation. It's so thin, it's barely there.
Awarded by Malaysia Book of Records for "thinnest latex male condom" made in Malaysia 2019
Proudly Buatan Malaysia using our own premium rubber latex
Benefits to prevent sexual transmitted disease and pregnancy 

Precautions : 

1. Single use only

2. Do not store condom in possible high temperature places like car, wallet for more than 1 month as high heat will damage the quality of natural latex.

3. Do not use scissor, long fingernails,  sharp objects to open the condom foils as it might puncture the condom without noticing it.

4.Do not wear double condoms. It is NOT safer. Instead it will increase the risk of breakage due to friction between the condoms during intercourse. 

5.Use only water based lubricants if needed. DO NOT use oil based lubricants such as massage oils or lotions as it will damage/ affect the quality of latex. 

Storage Condition
Avoid direct sunlight 

Pack Size
6 pieces

Shelf Life
5 years

Place of Origin


Care Latex Sdn Bhd