Product Description

“When you laugh, the world laughs with you; when you cry, you cry alone?” We disagree! There are true friends around you! Well, the Blue Ribbon Light is definitely one of them, a shoulder to lean on when your soul mates are away. Blue Ribbon Light doesn’t offer the sweetest encounter you’ve been dreaming of, but it shows the most genuine care from the bottom of its heart! Yes, Blue Ribbon Light is less sweet, but it delivers the most genuine coffee aroma – a pure enjoyment!

Aroma : 4/5

Sweetness : 2/5

Creaminess : 2/5

Acidity : 2/5

Bitterness : 3/5

HALAL Certified

No artificial colouring & flavouring

Finely crafted Instant Coffee grounded with Premium Arabica & Robusta beans.

Rich taste with silky smooth texture

Come with unique phrases to brighten up your day on every sachet.

Serve in a cup with 180ml of hot water to enjoy the perfection of coffee.

Packing size: 35gx 12 sticks

Shelf Life : 24 months 

*  FREE 1pc Tumbler (Random Color) + FREE 3s' coffee (assorted) for any purchased