We have a vision to create a Social Commerce eco-system that promotes new business culture for aspiring business owners to take control, optimize and accelerate.

"The world is fair because we all share the same amount of time. When we work together and leverage on each other’s effort, talent and time; we can create unlimited possibilities."

CEO & Founder

Our Unique Selling Points

Open & Transparent Platform

Our e-commerce ecosystem encourages complete transparency in all transactions.

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Sellers enjoy:

  • Complete control over the entire trading & cross-border process with Buyers
  • Legitimate logistics, customs & currency solutions
  • Pre-market entry research to analyse customer behaviour for marketing purposes

Buyers enjoy:

  • Upfront communication of prices, arrangements and processes with Sellers
  • Direct and seamless connection with the relevant parties throughout the buying process

The right people for the job

Our platform host a variety of ambassadors that can propel your product and brand to success.

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Sellers enjoys:

  • A large variety of social connectors to promote and sell products
  • Accelerate the brand to be the talk of town
  • Low cost of marketing

Buyers enjoys:

  • The ability to be a social commerce ambassador
  • To begin an entrepreneurship journey with MeCan Trade
  • Access to large inventory
  • Fair pricing and authentic products

Future-forward Technology

Our digital ecosystem is smart, scalable and adaptable to change.

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Sellers & Buyers enjoy:

  • A smooth & automated digital experience
  • A robust portal that adapts to new requirements & demands seamlessly

Strong Partner & Affiliate Network

Our alliance with reputable partners & affiliates give us the added advantage.

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Our Growing Footprint

As the world becomes smaller thanks to technology, nothing seem to be impossible anymore. We embrace diversity and most important quality. MeCan is also currently home to brands from abroad.







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